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Howard Hill Longbow
Howard Hill Bows: A Tradition Of Archery Excellence

Howard Hill bows have a long and rich tradition of quality and reliability. Specializing in traditional bow hunting and longbows, Howard Hill himself was known (unofficially) as "The World’s Greatest Archer," and his commitment to the art and sport of archery lives on in the craftsmanship of Howard Hill bows.
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Howard Hill Longbow: Wesley Special
Howard Hill Wesley Special Longbow
List Price $525.00

The Howard Hill team hand crafts these bows from five tempered bamboo lamination's, giving the Wesley Special a smoothness, resilience and cast unmatched in bows made from other woods.
Big Five Howard Hill Longbow
Howard Hill Big Five Longbow
List Price $500.00

This bow, designed based on Howard Hill's bow, “Sweetheart” is crafted of four tempered bamboo laminations to provide you with the smoothness, resilience and cast unparalleled by other woods.
Tembo Howard Hill Longbow
Howard Hill Tembo Longbow
List Price $475.00

This bow, designed based on Howard Hill's famous “Gran-Ma” bow that brought down three Tembo's (Rogue Elephants) in Africa.
Redman: Howard Hill Longbow
Howard Hill Redman Longbow
List Price $500.00

When you are looking for a well-crafted, gorgeous, traditional Howard Hill bow, the Redman is a great choice.
Crocodile: Howard Hill Longbow
Howard Hill Crocodile Longbow
List Price $500.00

When you want a well crafted Howard Hill traditional bow seeped in history that shines when compared to other bows, the Howard Hill Crocodile is a great choice.
Cheetah: Howard Hill Longbow
Howard Hill Cheetah Longbow
List Price $500.00

The Cheetah couples Juniper wood with two inner lams of bamboo to provide the ideal combination of beauty, strength and performance.
Big 5 Howard Hill Youth Longbow
Howard Hill "Big 5" Bear Cub Longbow
List Price $235.00

The Big Five Bear Cub provides smaller framed archers and youth the strength  and resilience of a bamboo bow based on the "Sweetheart" - the extraordinary bow that Howard Hill used to bring down big game in Africa.
Howard Hill Tembo Junior Longbow
Howard Hill Tembo Junior Longbow
List Price $235.00

The Tembo Junior Longbow provides smaller framed archers and youth the resilience and strength of a bamboo bow, and the craftsmanship and design of a Howard Hill bow.
Howard Hill himself was born in 1900 and died at the age of 75, in 1975. Howard Hill’s archery legacy includes the incredibly impressive fact that he won 196 successive archery field tournaments.

Howard Hill’s long bow was his specialty. He was featured in several movies (including A 1938 production of The Adventures of Robin Hood) and produced several archery documentaries, where he showed off his amazing and hard to believe (even by today’s standards) tricks and abilities.

That passion for archery survives with the Howard Hill Bows currently available on the market. The Howard Hill archery line focuses on simplicity, quality, and exceptional commitment to craftsmanship.

The Howard Hill longbows are crafted from extremely carefully picked, all natural wood for optimum strength, smoothness, and just the right amount of flexibility. For example, the top of the line Howard Hill long bow known as the "Wesley Special” features amazingly smooth and resilient laminated bamboo.

Other Howard Hill bows in the high end, wood longbow family include the Big Five. The wood used for these bows include not only high end bamboo, but fast and sturdy yew, durable osage orange, beautiful honey locust, gorgeous rocky mountain juniper, and rich red elm. Many of the Howard Hill bows combine two of these woods for an exceptional archery bow that is both beautiful in appearance and impossible to beat in feel and performance.

Howard Hill bows are simple and very well built, with enough choices to create a hard to beat and impressive lineup. Most of the long bows mentioned above can come specialized fitted with specialized small or large grip sleeves, or in junior sizes for youth archery bows. And most uniquely, the Howard Hill archery long bows can be ordered in a partially finished form, to allow you exceptional personalization with the exciting finish-it-yourself process.

In terms of accessories, Howard Hill archery is committed to the same amazing level of quality as in its archery bows. Archery arrows available from Howard Hill are simple but immaculate in their quality and performance. Howard Hill’s deluxe wood archery arrows come specially modified for bow weight and length.